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Wallpaper Removal Service

Our wallpaper removal service is an inexpensive and quick way to eliminate outdated wallpaper. If you are looking for a speedy, tidy way to eliminate old wallpaper from your walls our team will finish the job! After we have gotten rid of the whole layer of paper, we use the primer as needed and paint over it so that you don’t need to be concerned with any residues left.

Typical Wallpaper Removal Process

Old wallpaper can be a tricky thing to remove from walls. You may have spent hours removing it, but there’s still a residue left behind. The good news is that you’re not alone in the struggle! We’ll walk through how we remove wallpaper from your home efficiently and without too much hassle. this article is not so you’ll attempt a DIY wallpaper removal. It’s so you’ll know what to expect when we come out to do the work!
As an experienced company, we’ve seen many different types of wallpaper as well as heard many horror stories about people struggling with different removal processes.  Call on Right A Way Painter for professional removal services.
  1. The process of removing wallpaper starts with the removal of all furniture and hanging items on the walls. This is done to protect them from getting wet during the process.
  2. Is it a plaster wall or drywall under the wallpaper?  Is the wallpaper strippable, peel-able or traditional wallpaper.  Knowing these answers will give you a great deal of insight into the best way to proceed with the removal.
  3. For strippable or peel-able paper (it comes right off when you loosen a corner), you’ll just lift a corner with a putty knife and start to peel.  Keep your hand close to the wall to eliminate the risk of damaging the wall underneath.
  4. Once the paper is all gone, clean any adhesive residue with soap and water.  Allow the walls to dry completely before priming or painting.
  5. If you have traditional wallpaper, the process is more intricate. You’ll need a wallpaper striper and scoring tool, a steamer, spraybootel or paint roller.
  6. Score the wallpaper
  7. Apply the wallpaper stripper solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions and apply with the steamer or spray bottle to loosen the paper.
  8. Scrape and peel like a crazy person.
  9. Wipe down the wall with a soapy water mixture.
  10. Remove any leftover residue from your walls with mineral spirits or paint thinner
  11. Allow to dry before painting.
  12. If you made any gouges in the walls with the putty knife, repair with joint compound.
  13. Sand down any rough surfaces left behind after removing old wallpaper
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